Spotify PU Leather Bracelet

USD $13.00

This amazing Spotify PU Leather Bracelet is a must have for any music lover. Made from high quality PU leather, it features a vintage style and can be customized with your own song and text. The perfect gift for any occasion!

Whenever the code on the bracelt is scanned by the Spotify app, it will start playing the song on the app. Please note that the bracelet itself does not emit music. You have to scan the code using the Spotify app to play the song.

To customize the Spotify PU Leather Bracelet with a custom name and song, upload your jpg, png or svg file containing the Spotify code created by Spotify Codes, image or text that you’d like to have on the bracelet using the File Upload option on the page. The images should be of high resolution but should not exceed 8MB in size.

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